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Xtube AMA

Hi guys RayRay here!


We’re doing an AMA on reddit at 4pm ET on the 10th of May!

Come hang out with me and the Xtube team and ask us anything you want to know!


Chat with:

RayRay- Community Coordinator

Big P- Product manager

Big A- Marketing Manager


Kotcho- WSO


This is the chance for all you Xtubers to communicate with us and ask about anything regarding how the site works. This includes anything from future plans for the site, providing us feedback about issues that you would like resolved, features that you would like added to the site, what its like working at Xtube and anything else that you would like to know.


Join the AMA here!


Don’t forget to follow us on our official Xtube social media channels:





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  • Christopher Ray Nichols

    WOW! This is awesome

  • Lynn Kolber

    Reddit says you can help spread my videos and profile around enough to get 3000 views/likes/subscribers. (And chrome so i downloaded this app).not sure which to tell you the truth.. 😆. Can you help me learn how? I dont share faces. Ty for your time!!! Much appreciated. Worshipcockandpussy at xtube.com premium members. https://media3.giphy.com/media/cgAw7t4fajMaI/giphy.gif

  • https://www.xvideos.com/profiles/gayforyou0 omar good

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  • Brandon Ashraf

    Can you help me find more of someone

  • Software Corp

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  • Thomas M. Harvey

    hi Ray, what happened to the webcam function?

  • http://unkutmedia.com Jay D

    What happened to the live cam feature here?

    • Thomas M. Harvey

      yeah, is it coming back?