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5 months ago Pinned ChronicBatorSF

You are providing an important service to all males in need of releasing seed be it via oral copulation or sexual intercourse. And you perform your duties so well. You are one of the very best, imo. I just wished I lived nearby in order to partake of your exspurt service.

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5 months ago Pinned jacknow8

Awesome job, as always. The dripping cum is super hot and watching you fill up with semen is always a pleasure. Hope you can have some more "exit" shots sometime, but man, you are the BEST. And good for you setting some limits on those dicks that take you for granted. You are a man doing a MAN'S job and we love it. Fuck, I wish I could visit that hole...

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5 months ago Pinned DTxpurt

NICE ! ! Isn't it rewarding that you can offer that service that just may keep his marriage in tact. Who knows . . . if it wasn't for you he'd probably be out messin around with other chicks . . . and we all know where that leads. If the wife knew - she'd probably be sending you a box of Xmas candy and a thank-you card. Gr8 job (as usual) working on that throbbing veiny rockhard shaft and slurpin down all that delicious creamy ball chowder.

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5 months ago Pinned furryjack

nice bone on this man and we all love a moaner, you sucked him off so perfectly!

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5 months ago Pinned just4thefun1

Great job as always his wife hasn't heard moans and aaha's and oooha's like that for a LONG time.

JasonsGloryhole 5 months ago

Haha. Maybe not! I like this guy. Hope he always keeps coming by.

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